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kaiou dtf A3 PET Film

Name Applications
Work with ink Dtf ink
Size A4,A3, 0.6M 30CM 33CM 43CM 60CM
MOQ A4--200 sheets
A3--200 sheets
0.3-0.6M---1 roll
Feature 1. High transparency and can't tear.
2. High contrast, high definition, can be used for high quality photo image output.
3. stable performance, long-term effective, no change of ink receptivity.
4. Physical imaging directly, transfer rate is 100%
Applications clothing, school bag, hat.canvas...

A3膜蓝背圆盘曝光 拷贝PET膜英文详情_03粉末_04PET膜英文详情_07PET膜英文详情_08


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