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Tips for buying and using DTF printers

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The strength of DTF printer manufacturers is very important. A true enterprise manufacturer has been developing and producing products for many years. The personnel is all experienced and the personnel is also very complete and efficient. They start from the details, just to make customers more satisfied, improve the printing function of the DTF printer, have its technical strength, have its after-sales service, need to visit!


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Factors You Should Know Before Purchasing a DTF Printer

Ink Cartridge Storage Tips

It is important to have a DTF printer factory


Factors You Should Know Before Purchasing a DTF Printer

Today's printers are becoming more advanced and feature-rich for a variety of applications. Unlike before, you could use a printer to print on simple paper, now you can use a high-performance printer to print your designs on virtually any material of your choice. There are various types of such printers such as DTF printers. Among them, the DTF printer is the most compact option and can print on special materials such as polyester. In this printing method, the printing ink is heated until it fuses with the fabric material for permanent printing.


Ink Cartridge Storage Tips

In a DTF printer, ink cartridges are the most important consumables. If you want to reduce printing costs, start with ink cartridges. Since most home users do not use Digital printing machines frequently, and the printing volume at one time is not large, the digital printing machines are always used for some time, and then idle for some time. How to effectively save opened ink cartridges? When unpacking a new ink cartridge, carefully remove the plastic cover to keep the outer packaging of the ink cartridge intact. In this way, when the ink cartridge is not used temporarily, we put it back into the plastic box and seal the opened plastic cover with double-sided tape to ensure that the ink cartridge is isolated from the outside world.


It is important to have a DTF printer factory

In the process of choosing and understanding DTF printer manufacturers, we should choose those manufacturers with factories and avoid buying refitted machines and broken machines. At the same time, some factories have proved that the manufacturer has certain strengths and certain research and development capabilities, so the DTF printer produced in this way is guaranteed, and in the process of understanding the equipment, we can also intuitively see the production process and equipment site. Can be more at ease.


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