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The concept and function of the DTG printer

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Direct to Garment (DTG) is a faster and more efficient way to mass-produce printed shirts and other textiles. It is an alternative to screen printing, which has been the long-standing method of printing garments. The quality of a DTG printer print depends on a variety of factors, from the complexity of the design to the printing equipment used.


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There are many reasons to choose a DTG printer for your apparel needs

What is the concept of a DTG printer?

The software for DTG printers and flatbed UV printers is very similar.


There are many reasons to choose a DTG printer for your apparel needs

There are many reasons why businesses and organizations choose DTG printers for their apparel needs.

1. DTG printer makes custom-printed T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, and other garments in a short time.

2. Digital printing machine works automatically, so there is no need to use a manual printing machine to make custom-printed garments.

3. Purchasing a DTG printer and ink allows you to make printed garments instead of ordering through a printing service, reducing your business costs.

4. If the image you want to print is a photo, especially a photo of a person, the DTG printer can create a realistic copy of the photo.

5. When you need a small number of items in a short time, DTG printing is the best choice.

6. Almost unlimited range of colors can be printed, DTG printer allows you to print any design.


What is the concept of a DTG printer?

A DTG printer is a printing machine that uses improved inkjet technology to jet water-based ink onto garments. Unlike screen printing, the DTG process is less labor-intensive and requires short setup times, making it ideal for small-volume orders. You can easily print a single shirt if necessary. As a cost-effective way to create detailed designs, DTG is the printing method of choice for many businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. With DTG printer, best of all there is no minimum order quantity, allowing people to order as little or as much product as possible.


The software for DTG printers and flatbed UV printers is very similar.

Both types of printers, Digital printing machines, and flatbed UV printers, are traditionally driven by RIP software (raster image processing software), which helps separate layers and manage color, resolution, print quality, and other important functions for the printer. Many of these RIPs also calculate ink costs and allow barcode automation and print image archiving. The RIP software that comes with Digital printing machines and UV printers is the same software with slight differences in the queue to account for the material, layers, and templates being printed.


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