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Introduction of DTG printer

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A pure cotton printer is a great investment for your print shop, and it's a great investment: the right customer, the right equipment, and the right funnel. If you already have the right equipment to support the DTG printer, great. When you look at the DTG printer, keep in mind that they require extra equipment to function in a print shop! Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the DTG printer.

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What is the best DTG printer?

Do you know how to sell your DTG printing services?

What is the best DTG printer?

Today, the best printer on the market is the DTG printer, which produces high-quality prints on T-shirts and apparel with the lowest cost per print in the industry. Also, it is known that the price of a DTG printer varies by type, quality, manufacture, etc. DTG printer is suitable for small and medium decoration industries. Its output capabilities are suitable for any commercial printer's business. The digital printing machine has a dual shuttle platform to build an independent pallet shuttle system according to the operator's needs. The two-digit-controlled heat press uses an air cylinder to flatten the garment fibers and heat the surface before printing. In addition, it has RIP software installed, which provides complete print control and image costing. It provides a typical annual production capacity of up to 350,000 impressions, maximizing productivity and reducing the cost of ownership. Additionally, it is equipped with dual printhead infrared heaters to speed up the printing and curing process. DTG printer has a print area of 38*48.25cm (15"*19") and can print on various printable substrates such as cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blend, lycra, viscose, silk, leather, denim, linen, wool, etc. It can print images as multiple copies and make them in various shirt color configurations.

Do you know how to sell your DTG printing services?

DTG printing isn't for every type of customer you want to serve. While it looks like a lot of successful shops simply plug in their DTG printer and you're all set, a lot of things may be going on behind the scenes to create a DTG printer-enabled business. Creating repeatable quotes and sales procedures is the key to success. Knowing how your target customers want to use your t-shirt printer is crucial.

DTG Printing requires a robust quoting pipeline to manage orders and maximize revenue. what does that mean? You need a steady stream of orders to keep your DTG printer up and running. In practice, this means that you need to select several specific types of clients for your DTG printer. Does your store make custom clothing for birthday parties, or do you print primarily for larger events that require hundreds of shirts?

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