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Introduction of DTG printer and flatbed UV printer

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With the advancement of technology and the need for more detailed and complex printing on T-shirts, the printing industry has shifted from traditional screen printing and embroidery to more digital direct garment printing. Although the popularity of screen printing and embroidery is not outdated, on the other hand, the DTG printer industry is growing its sales due to its fast delivery and printing of high-quality artworks. Next, we will introduce the pure cotton printer and flatbed UV printer together.

Here is the content list:

l Similarities between DTG printer and flatbed UV printer.

l The software for DTG printers and flatbed UV printers is very similar.

Similarities between DTG printer and flatbed UV printer.

Both DTG printers and flatbed UV printers are inkjet printers. They use a printhead that moves over the substrate, depositing ink on the substrate. The printed item is placed on a bed, passed under the scanning printhead carriage, or traversed by the printhead carriage. This means that the print head is moved on top of the item being printed or the item is moved below the print head to create the image. Smaller UV printers and the DTG printer transport the material under the print head instead of moving the print head over the material. But there are some exceptions. Most DTG printers and small and medium UV printers are considered flatbed UV printers.

This means they have a limited print area and can use specific materials loaded into the bed, rather than roll-fed like large-format sign and sublimation printers. This is an important distinction. We're talking about flatbed UV printers and a typical digital printing machine, where you typically load objects onto a "flatbed" rather than a roll printer that unwraps and prints on a roll of material under the printhead.

The software for DTG printers and flatbed UV printers is very similar.

Two types of printers, the DTG printer, and flatbed UV printers, are traditionally driven by RIP software (raster image processing software) that helps separate layers for the printer and manage color, resolution, print quality, and other important functions. Many of these RIPs also calculate ink costs and allow for barcode automation and print image archiving. The RIP software that comes with the t-shirt printer and UV printer is the same software, with slight differences in the queue to account for the material, layers, and templates being printed.

Most DTG printers and flatbed UV printers are equipped with white ink so they can print on non-white substrates and maintain color integrity. This is in contrast to a sublimation process, which requires you to print or apply the result on a light or white material, for example. Using white ink is important because DTG and flatbed UV printers most often print to finished products, whether for DTG garments or Mobile phone cases, tiles, pens, etc. for flatbed UV printers.

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