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How to choose a good dtg printer?

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First of all, why do use a dtg printer? Because the dtg printer is a pure cotton printer, mainly for cotton textiles, the printed products have very good air permeability, which is more comfortable than the airtight dtf.

So how to choose a good dtg printer?

1. The printing process, multi-color printing scheme and complete printing process allow more opportunities than others.

2. The quality of the frame, the heavy-duty frame can ensure the stability of the printing process, and the multi-platform printing can make you more calmly face large orders.

3. The use of the print head, a good print head can better improve the printing quality and speed, and the life of the print head will be longer.

4. The support of the after-sales team, the printer has good after-sales support, so that you can be free from worries.

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