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Daily care of DTF printer

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The price of a DTF printer is not cheap, so it needs to be maintained in daily life, to prolong its service life. Rational use of a powder shaking machine and regular maintenance can make DTF printers have a longer service life and are less prone to minor problems. How to maintain the DTF printer?

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Daily maintenance of DTF printer.

10 tips to make your DTF printer last longer!

Daily maintenance of DTF printer.

First, use a soft damp cloth to remove dust, stains, ink stains, and paper scraps inside the DTF printer. Second, if there is too much dust, the guide shaft of the carriage will be poorly lubricated and the movement of the print head will be blocked during the printing process, use dry absorbent cotton swabs to wipe off the dust and oil on the guide shaft, and add lubricating oil with better fluidity, such as sewing machine oil. Third, keep the DTF printer neat and hygienic. Many people use the DTF printer very energetically, but they never clean the DTF printer. There is a lot of dirt in the DTF machine. This is easy to cause poor printing effect of DTF printer. Fourth, regularly check the toner in the toner cartridge. After some time, the toner of the toner cartridge will be reduced, and the printing is often unclear. We should check it regularly and replace it in time. Fifth, cover the DTF printer when it is not in use to prevent the entry of dust.

10 tips to make your DTF printer last longer!

First, a digital printing machine that is not commonly used should be turned on at least once a week to avoid dry and blocked print heads. Second, the DTF printer avoids dust the most, maintains a clean printing working environment, and keeps the surface of the printing paper free of dust and dry. Otherwise, the dust will enter the inside of the DTF printer, and it is very easy to block the print head. So, be sure to clean the print head regularly! Third, the DTF printer should be used in a suitable temperature environment. In a low temperature and dry environment, the operation of the mechanical part will be unsmooth due to the solidification of the lubricating oil. Fourth, the DTF printer must be installed with sufficient ink cartridges. When the ink cartridges are out of ink, they must be replaced immediately, otherwise the print head Blockage due to drying. Fifth, once the ink cartridge is installed, do not easily remove it and then re-install it, which may cause poor contact or even the re-installation machine does not recognize it. Sixth, pay attention to the placement of the ink cartridge. The ink is a liquid, and its fluidity is one of its properties. Even under the action of the affinity of the sponge and the ink, its flow cannot be changed, especially in the case of transportation vibration, it is more difficult to avoid, so the ink cartridge should be placed upright, that is, the nozzle should be facing down, and it should not be turned upside down. This will easily lead to insufficient ink at the nozzle, which will affect the printing effect at the beginning of the machine. Seventh, the t-shirt printer should rest for 15 minutes after continuous printing for 1 hour. Guarantee printing effect and prolong the life of DTF printer. Eighth, be sure to turn off the power first and then turn off the power. In the event of an abnormal power failure, please return the print head to the standby position in time to avoid permanent damage caused by dry nozzles of the print head. Ninth, if there is an abnormal situation, please do not let the DTF printer continue to work. If it still cannot be solved by conventional methods, please seek professional maintenance. Tenth, during the transportation of the DTF printer, the ink cartridges need to be returned and properly packaged, and they should be kept horizontal during transportation to prevent extrusion, collision, and inversion.

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