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Brief description and working principle of UV printer

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Today, when UV printer is well-known, more and more customers are interested in the advantages of UV printing machine. The investment is small, it does not occupy space, and can be placed at home. It is convenient and fast, and any product can be printed. Advertising, building materials, digital color printing, and other industries can be involved, and you are a color printing expert! Next, let's take a look at the brief description and working principle of the UV printer.

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A brief description of the UV printer.

Introduction to the working principle of UV printer.

A brief description of the UV printer.

The operation of the UV printer is one of the most important contents in the printing assiduity. There's no mistrustfulness that the deep processing of packaging products similar to hot stamping, lamination, embossing, and colorful glazing operations have come common, among which special effect glazing has come to a trend. The rise of colorful coating technologies is largely due to the development of technology and the configuration of publishing presses. In the folding tinderbox printing of cosmetics and cigarette packs, the sheetfed offset press occupies an absolute advantage. For that special corridor that is delicate to be completed by neutralizing printing, it can be achieved by screen printing or single-distance gravure printing. The multi-unit coating unit has come to the most introductory element of the sheetfed offset press, through which it can fluently complete the coating of special goods, and some special accouterments are frequently used in ornamental packaging. Essence cardboard, compound cardboard, and aluminum-scattered paper, as well as varnished cardboard, are more and more extensively used in the field of high-quality ornamental bags, showing sustained and stable growth instigation. New transparent compound accouterments with lower material have also begun to be used in plastic box packaging. Since these substrates cannot be published by ordinary styles but must be achieved by UV technology to achieve the asked effect, not only further and further UV coatings are being applied, but the use of UV printing inks is also more common. According to this trend, UV printing will come the standard configuration in the future, and the completion of publishing jobs with stable quality will no longer depend on luck ahead important conditions the delivery curing system is only the most introductory configuration, and the intermediate unit curing is no longer a luxuriant outfit. These brushing biases give a broad operation space for publishing companies and can completely meet the colorful important and special conditions of the cosmetics assiduity.

Introduction to the working principle of UV printer.

1. Printing principle: UV printer adopts piezoelectric inkjet printing technology, which doesn't directly communicate the face of the material. It relies on the voltage inside the snoot to spot the essay in the snoot hole onto the face of the substrate to achieve the purpose of publishing filmland. Among them, the snoot plays a crucial part. Generally, there are thousands of snoot holes on a small snoot. It's delicate to see these snoot holes with the naked eye. The snoot can finely control the essay affair from the snoot holes.

2. Curing principle: The UV DTF printer reacts with the photosensitive curing agent in the UV ink through the ultraviolet wave emitted by the LED cold light source lamp, causing the pigment molecules in the UV ink to be cured on the surface of the material to achieve the drying of the ink. It is completely different from the previous printing equipment that requires baking, drying, and other processes. This can reduce unnecessary equipment and personnel expenses while improving production efficiency.

3. Positioning principle: multifunction printerscan precisely control the purpose of printing patterns on different materials, different volumes, different heights, and various shapes. In the positioning of the X axis, the raster decoder is mainly used to command the horizontal printing of the equipment; in the Y axis, the length of the printing material is mainly controlled by the drive of the servo motor; in the positioning of the height, it mainly depends on the head of the machine head lift function.

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