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  • Introduction to Sublimation Printer
    Introduction to Sublimation Printer

    The size of the Sublimation Printer is 3250mm*1100mm*800mm and the weight is 90KG. The ink type of the Sublimation Printer is sublimation ink, the maximum printing width is 1850mm, the printing resolution is up to 1440dpi/720dpi/540dpi, and the distance accuracy error is less than ±0.3%. In addition

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  • Instructions for Sublimation Printer
    Instructions for Sublimation Printer

    Let's start with a broad explanation, what exactly is a Thermal transfer printer? In simple terms, it is a printing machine that uses ink and heat to transfer a design onto a material or fabric. In the clothing world, it was a game changer as it allowed for whole garment printing. Next, let's take a

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  • Information about Sublimation Printer
    Information about Sublimation Printer

    A Sublimation Printer is a computer printer that uses heat to transfer dyes to different materials, such as plastics and fabrics. So sublimation is the process of heating and thermal printing. Many of these printing devices are used for photo printing, a mug, and t-shirt design. Next, let's take a l

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  • Advantages and comparison of Sublimation Printer and other printing presses
    Advantages and comparison of Sublimation Printer and other printing presses

    Sublimation printing is a popular technique for transferring full-color images to plastic substrates and garments. What is Sublimation Printer? What are the advantages of sublimation printing? How is sublimation printing different from other digital printing technologies such as screen printing, ink

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