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Product advantages and performance test of UV printer

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The UV DTF printer adopts the principle of piezoelectric inkjet printing, which does not directly contact the surface of the material. The ink is controlled by the internal voltage of the nozzle, and the UV ink in the nozzle is sprayed onto the surface of the material, and the ultraviolet wave emitted by the LED lamp installed on the sports car is used. The UV ink is cured to achieve the effect of instant drying. Next, let's take a look at the product advantages and performance tests of a UV printer.

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Four product advantages of UV printer.

Performance test of UV printer.

Four product advantages of UV printer.

First, the UV printeruses imported UV essay, which dries incontinently after scattering, and has good printing fastness. In terms of specialized difficulties similar to snoot control, weak solvent essay printing control, color curing strength, and media transmission delicacy, dependable specialized guarantees have been attained. To enable Chinese druggies to have the same occasion as foreign druggies, the advancement of product color printer technology, UV printer lowers the investment threshold, allowing you to fluently gain" high- quality, affordable, and affordable" digital printing machine products with low investment and high- cost performance. Second, the UV printer adopts the rearmost LED cold light source technology, with no heat radiation. Instant lighting doesn't bear preheating, and the face temperature of the published material is low and doesn't distort. The power consumption is 72W- 144W, and the traditional mercury beacon is 3KW. LED lights have a super long life of,000-,000 hours. Third, the UV printer adopts the rearmost generation of Epson snoots, and the size of the essay blotches is intelligently distributed, which has more advanced printing delicacy than the traditional UV machine.

One print head with 8 rows of snoots, and binary 4- color high-speed printing, allows you to take the action in the fierce request competition and win further business openings. Fourth, the UV printer adopts a high-quality servo, screw companion rail system. Compared with traditional mercury beacon UV flatbed printers, a UV printerdoesn't contain mercury and doesn't produce ozone, which is safer and further environmentally friendly. UV printer adopts the water cooling( water rotation) system, and it can also have a good light curing effect in hot summer without an air exertion terrain.

Performance test of UV printer.

1. Printing small characters measuring accuracy

No matter what type of UV printer it is, the most introductory condition that needs to be met is the printing delicacy. The system to test the printing delicacy is to use PS to publish the 3rd word on full-runner A4 paper. Those with clear printing, no ghosting, and no blurring are good products. However, it means that the vibration of the UV publishing machine is too large during the printing process, which is caused by the unreasonable structural design If there's a double image.

2. Repeated printing test performance

Still, the reject rate will increase, If the repeated printing position is inaccurate. At this time, it's particularly important to choose a UV printer with stable performance. The system is to print tic-tac-toe, reprise printing 10 times and look at it with 40 times magnifying glass. However, the outfit is good, If it overlaps. Or directly use the silkscreen system to test the set position. First, print blue blotches, and also publish red grounded on blue. Look at it with a 40x magnifying glass. However, it means that the machine has high perfection If you cannot see blue.

3. The diagonals of a quadrilateral are of equal length

Within the maximum printable format of the UV printer, publish a blockish frame. After printing, use a sovereign to measure whether the lengths of the inclinations are the same. According to the rule of quadrilateral inclinations, if the inclinations are the same length, this is a standard Cube, if the length isn't equal, also it's no longer a cube, but a rhombus or a trapezoid. However, it means that the published cube has been seriously moved, and the printing delicacy doesn't meet the good conditions If the published lengths aren't equal.

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