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Introduction to Sublimation Printer

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The size of the Sublimation Printer is 3250mm*1100mm*800mm and the weight is 90KG. The ink type of the Sublimation Printer is sublimation ink, the maximum printing width is 1850mm, the printing resolution is up to 1440dpi/720dpi/540dpi, and the distance accuracy error is less than ±0.3%. In addition, the medium heating system of the Sublimation Printer is a dryer, and the preset temperature range is 25-50. What's more, the Thermal transfer printer has a power-saving feature that automatically sleeps. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the Sublimation Printer.

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What are the characteristics and application fields of the Sublimation Printer?

What is the basic structure and principle of the Sublimation Printer?

What are the characteristics and application fields of the Sublimation Printer?

Sublimation Printerhas developed rapidly around the world due to their small size, low printing cost, fast printing speed, high reliability, easy maintenance, and easy implementation of embedded design in manufacturing, retail, transportation, medical and service industries. widely used. With the rapid development of Internet information technology, the application scope of thermal printing technology has been continuously expanded, and the market scope has shown a rapid upward trend. However, in my country, thermal printing technology started at the end of the last century and is currently concentrated in the fields of transportation and logistics in the traditional manufacturing industry. In recent years, with the vigorous development of the logistics information industry, the demand for smart barcodes in modern manufacturing and new retail has increased rapidly, which has put forward higher requirements for traditional thermal printing technology. Thermal printing technology has ushered in new development opportunities. The application of thermal transfer technology is very extensive. The images printed by the sublimation transfer machine are bright and vivid in color and can be stored for a long time under high temperatures, while the images are still intact and clear, and there will be no image peeling and fading like ordinary printing.

The Sublimation Printer is applied in the smart barcode, which can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs by scanning the gun. Applied in advanced production lines, each component has unique code identity information, which is easy to track and query, and plays an irreplaceable role in the entire production, sales, and maintenance. In the ticketing system, heat transfer printingis used for thermal printing with high printing speed and high quality, and the printing cost is low.

What is the basic structure and principle of the Sublimation Printer?

Thermal transfer printing copies the printed graphics to the substrate by melting the surface coating layer of the ribbon, and prints under the action of two factors: temperature as the main factor and pressure as the auxiliary. During printing, the ink side of the ribbon and the printing paper is passed through. The contact of the print head transfers the heat of the print head to the ribbon, and the ink is partially melted and re-solidified on the rougher base material. After that, the two are separated, and the ink remains in imaging area 3 of the paper. Thermal transfer technology has almost no requirements on paper, so its application range is very wide. The whole system of the Sublimation Printer includes two major modules: hardware and software, in which the hardware part includes the print head, drive motor, human-computer interface (keyboard, display), and photoelectric sensor: the software part includes the database, printing program control, key recognition, output display, and motor control.

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