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DTG printer fees and explanations

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On the digital printing machine, we use a platen to hold the garment in a specific location on the print bed so that it can consistently print to the same location on the garment. The platen is pulled into the printer and then ink is applied. Similar to how a home inkjet printer draws a sheet of paper before printing. Next, let's take a look at the cost and explanation of the DTG printer.

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How much does it cost to custom print a T-shirt with a DTG printer?

What exactly is DTG printing?

How much does it cost to custom print a T-shirt with a DTG printer?

The first business decision a new buyer of a DTG printer needs to address is "how should I set the price for my custom printed t-shirt." For many years before the advent of DTG, pricing guides were based on production methods, and silk web printing. Due to the labor-intensive setup process of screen printing a shirt, business owners are forced to make a lot of demands from their customers. For example, minimum order quantities (usually 12 or more), higher charges for each additional color used in graphics, and slower turnaround times due to setup. As a result, the cost of the first dozen shirts for screen printed shirts is high and decreases with larger orders of the same design. Not to mention explaining the complexities of this pricing model to customers, which pure cotton printers flatten out. With DTG printing, you don't have to enforce a minimum order quantity, you can customize and personalize each shirt, and you can produce unlimited colors. Your cost is the same whether you have one color or a thousand.

What exactly is DTG printing?

First, let me explain what DTG stands for. DTG stands for Direct to Garment. This means that the DTG printer is a direct-to-garment printer. You print directly on clothes, such as T-shirts. Some clothing decorators use heat transfer. They can be used to make custom t-shirts and hats, hoodies, socks, shoes, and more. We use direct-to-garment printing. You can design a t-shirt on our website and we will print and ship it to you.

Second, don't confuse DTG printing with those cheap iron-on transfers of the past. In contrast, the DTG process is a relatively new printing method that produces incredibly high-quality artwork that will remain unchanged for years to come. DTG is also sometimes referred to as Digital Garment Printing and Inkjet Garment Printing. Essentially, DTG printing is the process of printing graphics onto textiles and apparel, most notably T-shirts for us. It uses improved inkjet technology to print any graphics you want onto shirts. Think of it like a giant inkjet printer, but for shirts. DTG printing is a fairly new method that allows for a lot of variation compared to screen printing (which has dominated the custom t-shirt market for decades). The DTG printer can print over 16 million colors directly onto your shirts at once. Best of all, our ink dries quickly. The ink will seep into your garment itself and become part of the shirt, not just a glorified sticker like those old-fashioned iron-on transfers. This means graphics won't crack, peel or wash away over time.

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