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Common sense in using and maintaining a DTF printer

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DTF printer is much more delicate than a laser DTF printer. In the maintenance process, in addition to the maintenance of the equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the use environment is clean. This is mainly to ensure that the powder shaking machine is in use and that the nozzles will not be blocked due to dust in the air. Next, let's take a look at the maintenance common sense and usage precautions of the DTF printer.

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l Three maintenance common sense of DTF printer.

l 13 precautions for using a DTF printer.

Three maintenance common sense of DTF printer.

1. Do not expose the ink cartridge to the air for a long time.

In the use of a DTF printer, be sure not to expose the ink cartridge to the air for a long time. Because of the physical parcels of the essay, it's easy to beget the essay to dry up in the case of long-term exposure. Once the ink in the ink cartridge dries up, it will not only affect the normal use of the ink cartridge but also affect the normal use of the nozzle during use. In severe cases, it will also lead to damage to the nozzle. Therefore, when the user starts to use the ink cartridge, try to keep it in regular use and do not leave it for too long.

2. Do not use priming.

Use the DTF machine as much as possible without flooding. Because the ink is a special substance, the mixing of multiple inks is prone to impurity precipitation. The most direct impact of this rush is to beget damage to the snoot. This kind of physical damage to the print head generally cannot be recovered, and the fault can only be contacted by replacing the print head.

3. When not in use, take out the ink cartridge and place it in the ink cartridge box.

When the DTF printer is not in use, the ink cartridge should be taken out and placed in the ink cartridge box, the environment around the ink cartridge should be kept at a constant temperature as much as possible, and the ink cartridge should not be placed directly in a place with strong sunlight. A digital printing machine, on the other hand, needs to be kept clean when not in use for a long time. It is best to put it back in the box and not accumulate dust from long-term exposure to the air.

13 precautions for using a DTF printer.

First, if the DTF printer generates heat, smoke, odor, or abnormal sound, please cut off the power immediately and contact the information personnel. Second, other items are prohibited on the DTF printer. When the DTF printer is not used for a long time, please unplug the power plug from the power socket. Third, just in case, when there's thunder hard, open the power draw from the socket. However, the machine may be damaged, If it's plugged in. Fourth, the print head is in a high-temperature state. Don't touch until the temperature has dropped. help becks and injuries. Fifth, do not touch the metal parts of the print cable connector and print head. When the print head is working, do not touch the print head. Sixth, when the print head is working, it is forbidden to cut off the power supply. area, please do not disassemble, move, or drag at will, if there is any fault, please contact the information personnel. Eighth, foreign objects are prohibited from entering the machine, otherwise, they will cause electric shock or machine failure. The price is low, and the t-shirt printer can be turned on only when the power supply of the DTF printer is normal, and the data cable and the computer are connected. Tenth, please do not move, drag or turn off the power of the DTF printer when printing. Eleventh, when the printing volume is too large, the printing volume should be kept within 30 copies, and the DTF printer should rest for 5-10 minutes to prevent the DTF printer from being overheated and damaged. Twelfth, when printing files, it is not allowed to use clothes that are too thick, and clothes that are wrinkled or folded are not allowed. Thirteenth, if the DTF printer has serious physical damage, man-made damage, or damage to the DTF printer by not complying with the above operating specifications, the responsible person will be investigated.

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