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Advantages and comparison of Sublimation Printer and other printing presses

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Sublimation printing is a popular technique for transferring full-color images to plastic substrates and garments. What is Sublimation Printer? What are the advantages of sublimation printing? How is sublimation printing different from other digital printing technologies such as screen printing, inkjet, and thermal transfer?

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What are the advantages of Sublimation Printer printing?

Comparison of Sublimation Printer and Thermal Transfer Printer.

What are the advantages of Sublimation Printer printing?

The thermal transfer printer has many advantages compared to other common printing machines: First, is continuous tone: each ink dot in sublimation printing can be a different color. For this reason, sublimation graphics have high resolution and amazing color fidelity, even under a microscope. Second, no drying time: Sublimation printing on the fabric means you can fold or wear clothes as soon as they leave the Sublimation Printer without worrying about smudging the ink. Third, fewer moving parts: The Sublimation Printer is a simple machine, and the thermal print head doesn't need to move back and forth on the print medium. This means that Sublimation Printer is less likely to fail. Fourth, no mess: no liquid ink means no spills and cleanup. Fifth, do not fade: sublimated dyes impregnate and become part of the plastic. It won't fade or degrade plastic, and the color won't fade if exposed to water. Sixth, seam-to-seam printing: Dye-sublimation printing is suitable for even the most complex shapes, allowing you to print the entire fabric of a garment. Seventh, use no water and minimal energy: Compared to other commercial printing methods, dye sublimation requires no water and very little energy. Eighth, Small Batch Friendly: Dye sublimation printing is perfect for one-off or small batch orders, making it easy to quickly customize special occasion garments or gifts.

Comparison of Sublimation Printer and Thermal Transfer Printer.

Both Sublimation Printers and Thermal Transfer Printers are transfer printing machines that involve similar steps, but the result is quite different. Both printing techniques involve printing an image onto transfer paper and then applying heat and pressure. In a sublimation transfer machine, however, the ink penetrates and becomes part of the print medium. In thermal transfer, on the other hand, the image simply becomes an additional layer on top of the print medium. If you're after the retro, distressed look that's all the rage right now, choosing a fabric with a lower polyester content will give you the perfect result. Another potential issue to watch out for is the white crease. The Sublimation Printerworks by printing designs onto white fabric, and if areas of the garment are not touched by the design, they will remain white. This can be caused by accidental folds or a small amount of moisture that has accumulated on the transfer paper.

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